AMMOBACK STRIKE – A Magazine Holster On Your Back

Features That Benefit YOU

Unlike a military web harness, a hunting vest, or tactical vest, the AMMOBACK Strike is carried on your back for some distinct advantages and Tactical Solutions:

  • All of your magazines are in the same place – no searching each pocket to find the next magazine.
  • As you pull out one magazine, the next one drops into place.
  • As an operator, you do not break your target sight plane or lose focus thinking about reloading your weapon.
  • Muscle memory becomes automatic, so every time you need a magazine, you automatically reach more quickly to the same place every time.
  • The AMMOBACK holds up to 6 magazines or two or three times that if you piggyback one Strike to another via the MOLLE attach straps. That is 6 to 18 reload magazines (180 to 540 rounds) ready to deploy.
  • Lightweight in design, the AMMOBACK Strike weighs only 1 lb 12 oz and yet is almost indestructible.
  • With the optional quick release strap on the right shoulder, you can quickly jettison the AMMOBACK Strike, if necessary.
  • With your ammunition on your back, you can lay prone, on your side, squat, or stand, and still be able to reach your magazines easily and rapidly.
  • Magazines stay clean and are always in a ready to deploy configuration.