The Ammoback-Sting is a Pistol Magazine Dispenser designed for competition pistol shooting and for situations where someone needs extra pistol magazines readily available. The Sting carries the Ammoback system in a compact and bare bones design. The Sting is worn on a belt at the hip and complies with all IPSC regulations for sizing and location placement.

Currently, competition pistol shooters rely on reload magazines attached magnetically or mechanically on a waist belt worn by the shooter. Magazines must be located on a belt behind the hip bone spaced out along the belt so that a shooter has to reach progressively farther around the back as he seeks reload magazines. Magazines in this carry fashion can be easily dislodged during movements needed to navigate a firing course.  A right handed shooter has to search for magazines with his left hand while a left handed shooter is searching with his right hand for reload magazines.

The AMMOBACK-Sting has all the general qualities of the Ammoback dispenser system with specific features and is carried on your hip for some distinct Tactical Solutions.

  1. The reload magazines are securely carried in the Ammoback Sting so there is no risk of dislodging or jarring loose any magazines that are carried on a belt.
  2. The Sting carries and dispenses magazines securely and predictably at the same spot on the hip. By reaching to the same spot each time a reload is needed, the shooter can reload faster and with a much more efficient and simpler routine. Considering the beneficial effects of muscle memory, rapid and dependable dispensing  and secure storage, the reload cycle times will drop significantly. In a competition shooting match where a few seconds separate a 10th place finisher with the competition champion, every second saved by a shooter is priceless.
  3. The Ammoback Sting is a paradigm shift in how competition shooters can dominate in a shooting tournament.

The AMMOBACK – Sting can be utilized for left and right handed shooters. The Sting can be customized for any magazine type including double stack formats.