The Ammoback-Stealth (C.R.E.S.T) is a very specialized piece of equipment. The Stealth contains an Ammoback system in a Strike configuration. C.R.E.S.T. stands for Covert Rapid Engagement Semi Tactical. The primary purpose …

of the Ammoback-Stealth is to allow military/police/security agencies to be discreetly on a security site with the ability to deploy heavier armed personnel in a moments notice. The Stealth unit looks like a nondescript backpack that would not look out of place to the public yet carries within it an Ammoback as well as a quick to deploy automatic or semi-automatic rifle. The maximum length allowed is 22 inches.

As shown, this Stealth deploys an AR15 that is equipped with a folding stock and an initial 20 round magazine. With one discreet pull of a small lanyard, an operator can go from regular bystander to fully functional “on the ground” security asset in seconds with a rifle in hand. Operators deployed with a Stealth pack would be in place to quietly protect high-value persons or locations.

The Stealth pack offers enhanced and yet covert protection in situations and circumstances where open and heavy security arrangements would seem excessive and alarming to the general public. The Stealth is not intended for general public purchase and is not optimized for anyone outside accredited military, police or security agencies. General public sales are possible once we verify an applicant’s credentials. Please contact us for any further information.

The Stealth-CREST has some unique capabilities.

1.  Rapid deployment of an automatic or semi-automatic rifle.

2. All of your magazines are in the same place – no searching each pocket to find the next magazine.

3.  As you pull out one magazine, the next one drops into place.

4.  As a first responder, you do not break your target sight plane or lose focus thinking about reloading your weapon.

5.  Muscle memory becomes automatic, so each time you need a magazine, you automatically reach to the same place every time.

6.  The AMMOBACK holds up to 6 magazines. That means 6 reload magazines (180 rounds) ready to deploy.

7. The weight of a loaded Stealth is 19 lbs, 5 ounces (not including firearm)

8. With the quick-release lanyard on the left or right shoulder, you can quickly deploy the rifle and  AMMOBACK Strike, if necessary.

9.  With your ammunition on your back, you can lie prone, on your side, squat, or stand, and still be able to reach your magazines easily and rapidly.

10.  Magazines stay clean and are always in a ready to deploy configuration.

11. The Stealth internal dimensions for accommodating a firearm are 23x11x4.25 inches.

12. The Stealth platform can be customized to fit your specific needs.

13. The Stealth is produced for left OR right-handed personnel.

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