The Ammoback Squadbox is a Rifle Magazine Dispenserdesigned to store and carry magazines for a group type of deployment. The Squadbox is a hand or shoulder carry system to support a squad sized unit in the field with a greater amount of ready use magazines. The Squadbox can carry 10 to 20 magazines and is also ideal for use in Tactical Solutionsinvolving armoured vehicles such as APCs. The onboard squad of an APC is able to keep ammunition contained and easy to deploy when a squad or unit exits the vehicle. A squad would draw on a Squadbox for reloads before they draw on personal carry magazines. This simplifies logistics and enhances tactical flexibility in a squad as each rifleman personally maintains a good reserve of ready use magazines.

  1. Contains The AMMOBACK® System
  2. Hand or Shoulder Carry
  3. Designed to Support Team/Squad
  4. Carries 10 to 20 Magazines (300 to 600 rounds)
  5. Can be customized to include a Magnetic Insert for attachment to the exterior of a vehicle.

All Ammoback systems are custom built. Each Ammoback is designed for specific magazine configurations, brands and sizes. The Ammoback is also customized to reflect fabric type and colour of carry bag, strap assemblies, kit attachment provisions, pocket sizes and configurations to complement current Tactical Gear. The Ammoback is also able to be customized for customer driven requests.