The Ammoback-Assault is a Rifle Magazine Dispenser designed for engagements of varying intensity and longer duration. The Assault contains The AMMOBACK® Rifle Magazine DispenserSystem with provision to carry extra equipment. You can custom outfit the Ammoback Assault with a hydration kit, weapon cleaning kit and other Tactical Gear you need for a particular mission profile. The space is available in an easy to use format.

Unlike military  web harness, a hunting vest, or Tactical Vests, the AMMOBACK-Assault is carried on your back for some distinct advantages and Tactical Solutions:

  1. All of your magazines are in the same place – no searching each pocket to find the next magazine.
  2. As you pull out one magazine, the next one drops into place.
  3. As an active shooter, you do not break your target sight plane or lose focus thinking about reloading your weapon.
  4. Muscle memory becomes automatic, so each time you need a magazine, you automatically reach to the same place every time.
  5. The AMMOBACK-Assault holds up to 10 magazines or more magazines if you piggyback a Strike to an Assault via MOLLE attach straps. That is 10 to 16 reload magazines (300 to 480 rounds) ready to deploy.
  6. Lightweight in design, the AMMOBACK -Assault weighs only 4lb 6oz and yet it is almost indestructible.
  7. With your ammunition on your back, you can lie prone, on your side, squat, or stand, and still be able to reach your magazines easily and rapidly.
  8. Magazines stay clean and are always in a ready to deploy configuration.